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Referral To Living Springs

Living Springs is an independent charity working alongside multiple agencies. Receiving referrals via Social Workers, Guardians, Solicitors and more, “Providing robust, fair and evidence-based assessments”.

Age, religion, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, disability or additional needs are considered when assessing families. Additional support is implemented where necessary in order to give families the best chance of a positive outcome, remaining child focussed at all times.

Living Springs aims to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment in which parents can address difficulties and improve their parenting skills. Staff assess parents as they interact with their children and offer assistance in child health and development, play and interaction, food preparation and bathing, hygiene and first aid, life and social skills and so on. When required, direct work on family dynamics is given, and specific support offered to meet individual needs.

We follow the framework set by the Department of Health for the assessment of children in need and their families.

Living Springs Aims and Objectives

Living Springs Family Centre aims to provide a safe supportive and caring environment in which the parenting abilities of families can be assessed and developed

The safety and welfare of children is our primary concern and any decisions taken or recommendations made will always be in the best interest of the child or children.

It is one of our main aims to provide parenting assessments of a high quality. Recommendations made are determined to prioritise children’s needs and are supported by a thorough analysis of the detailed evidence provided

The accommodation at Living Springs is all registered with and inspected by OFSTED and is used flexibly to meet the varying needs of families referred to the Centre who require parenting support. We are able to provide Parenting Assessments for up to nine families at any one time.

Family Assessment Brochure

Download our family assessment brochure and discover how Living Springs can help you and your family

Living Springs Ethos and Philosophy

Living Springs is based on the Christian ethos and therefore we endeavour to provide an environment where each individual is offered respect and valued in their own right.

It is our belief that parents should be offered the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to parent their children safely and appropriately in an environment which is non-judgmental and supportive. However, the very nature of undertaking an assessment means that some judgements are required to be made and this is an essential part of the assessment process in order to ensure the on-going safety and welfare of children. Management and staff will always endeavour to ensure that this is done in an appropriately considerate and respectful manner..