The Residential Assessment Centre has now closed and the Trustees are exploring new services that will still be connected to supporting housing and early intervention. More information will follow, however in the interim if you want more information or you have any questions please contact the team on or 01384 872817

Advice For Children

Helping you achieve a positive outcome

Information for Children

We want you to enjoy staying with us, have fun with your family, whilst your mum/dad learn how to keep you safe, make you happy, cook nice food and help you grow in a nice clean home.

We have space outside where you can enjoy climbing, swinging and going down slides. You can also enjoy the play room, full of toys and crafts.

Have fun while we look after Mum/Dad

Have fun playing in our lovely outdoor play areas. Enjoy the swings, climbing and slides.

Enjoy our cosy, exciting play room. Meet new friends and have fun.

We have plenty of lovely toys for you to play with, come and enjoy them.

There are fun crafts for you to take part in. Come and enjoy painting, drawing or just create what you would like.

Weekly Trips for parents & Children

Each week we will take you and your parents on a trip, you can tell us the places you like to visit. We often go to parks and places like ‘Chilli Kiddies’.

Keeping you safe

Staff will listen to your feelings and keep you safe