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Parenting Support

If you’re struggling with the whole idea of being pregnant or struggling if the only option seems to be to have a termination, we are able to help. We can offer accommodation during your pregnancy where you can make decisions knowing all the options. Adoption may be a way to avoid the termination route.

We can also help you with:

  • Supported Housing *
  • Support through your stay, pre- and post- birth 
  • Support in the decision making process 
You may decide, having thought through with the right support, that you want to parent the child. Living Springs and their staff can come alongside you and be there every step of the way pre- and post-birth. We can offer practical help on childcare and child development, as well as advice about appropriate food and nutrition for children.
Should you decide you wish to parent we can offer advice and support for:
  • Budgeting, shopping, menu planning and cooking
  • Basic first aid, health and hygiene
  • Child safety and safety in the home
  • Meeting your child’s emotional needs
  • Appropriate play, stimulation and interaction with your child
  • Good routines for children
  • Managing your finances

* Subject to interview

Call us on 01384 872817 Mon to Fri 9.30am to 5.30pm. to talk about how we can help

You can also Contact us here