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A Place Just for You

The prospect of coping alone with pregnancy, birth and parenthood can be too much for some women – women who are vulnerable, affected by family difficulties or  conflict, or whose learning disabilities mean they need extra support.

Deciding to proceed with a pregnancy is often a brave choice, and at Living Springs we support women and young girls who have made that choice. Whether the plan is for mum and baby to return home or for the child to be adopted, we offer time and care to make the outcome the best it can be, for the mother and for the baby.

We also welcome mums and children at risk in their homes, supporting them until they can return home or move on.

We can provide accommodation in our specially developed Barns Project – a safe place where you can get the support, advice and help you need.

How can we help you...?

Whilst many of the people we work with come to us via other organisations, we recognise that some will simply want to find a listening ear and the possibility of someone to talk to who will understand their situation.

Do feel free to contact us at any time in confidence.