Young mums awarded £30k for safe accommodation

The Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales has awarded a grant of £30,000, over two years, to Living Springs. The grant will help us fund the role of a Community Support Worker who will work with young mums and help them to live more independently in the community.

This development will dovetail with our work at the Centre where we provide safe accommodation for young mums between 16 and 25 years old through pregnancy and after child birth by offering support and counselling to help them move on to more independent accommodation and learn basic life skills.

Jane Chapman, Centre Director at Living Springs, said, “Many of the women that use our services have a number of issues including drug, violence, criminal activity and mental ill health. We provide support up to and immediately after pregnancy but with this new funding we will be able to help new mums further down the line when they move into their own homes and provide support and advice on independent living, reducing the likelihood of failure and keeping families together.”

Peter Cunnison, grant manager for the West Midlands at the Foundation, said, “Young women living in disadvantaged areas in the West Midlands can face a number of challenges in coping with everyday life, especially if many are facing other issues. Living Springs provides vital support for young mums and our grant will enable more young women to move on and live more independent lives with their families.”