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Social Work Assessments

All our assessments are undertaken by a staff team with relevant qualifications and many years’ experience in family work.

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For each Family Assessment a tailored package is provided to meet the needs of each specific family.

Our Social Work Assessments include:

  • Residential Parenting Assessments
  • Community-based Assessments
  • PAMS Assessments
  • Assessment of Contact
  • Viability Assessments

Residential Parenting Assessments

Living Springs has a Residential Family Centre which is registered by Ofsted where we work with families from all different backgrounds, many of whom are single parents, and we assist parents to improve their skills in caring for their children and babies.

The Centre offers a level of staff supervision and input appropriate to each case, including high level continuous supervision, when required.  This provides the opportunity for parents and children to work closely with dedicated staff whose aim, during a period of observation, assessment, and training, is to encourage the parents to develop their own skills, and to evaluate the degree of risk which would be present if children returned to live with their parents within the community.

We place great emphasis on promoting an environment which is both non-judgemental and caring, in which parent/child relationships can be nurtured and developed thereby encouraging self-worth and self-esteem. However, the welfare of the child always remains our primary focus.

Community Based Assessments

  • Community-Based Assessments can be undertaken either at Living Springs or in the wider community
  • Living Springs Family Centre has converted barns accommodation, providing four single-bedroom and three two-bedroom independent self-contained flats where Community-based parenting assessments can be undertaken.
  • This is a low cost option for Local Authorities, as in many cases, residents are eligible to claim Housing Benefit to cover their rent of the accommodation and the Local Authority only has to pay for the number of staff assessment hours specified in the remit for the family.

PAMS Assessments

  • Staff members at Living Springs have been trained to undertake detailed parenting assessments using the PAMS assessment software.
  • These assessments provide evidence-based information to aid Court decisions
  • The PAMS assessment covers child care and development, behaviour management, independent living skills, safety and hygiene, parents’ health, relationships and support, and the impact of the environment and the community on parenting.

Supervised and Assessed Contacts

  • Living Springs’ staff are experienced in supervising and assessing contact sessions between parents and their children
  • We have rooms of varying sizes which are light and airy and can be allocated according to the size of family. Contact sessions can be facilitated at Living Springs or another designated venue
  • Detailed contact reports are provided

Viability Assessments

It is always important that families are not subjected to parenting assessments which are not appropriate in their personal circumstances.

Living Springs’ staff can undertake a viability assessment prior to any formal assessment being commenced in order to determine the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Download our Assessment Referral Form for Childrens Service here

When the form is completed please email to: 

“Living Springs is fully committed to improving outcomes for vulnerable children and their families. The team is child focussed, displaying an easy rapport with children and young people, yet bringing a sense of challenge, self-worth and personal responsibility. Interventions to meet individual needs are both creative and imaginative”.

Pauline Sharratt
Assistant Director of Children’s
Services, Dudley MBC