Project Point

Residential Parenting Assessments

Living Springs has a Residential Family Centre which is registered by Ofsted where we work with families from all different backgrounds, many of whom are single parents, and we assist parents to improve their skills in caring for their children and babies.

The Centre offers a level of staff supervision and input appropriate to each case, including high level continuous supervision, when required.  This provides the opportunity for parents and children to work closely with dedicated staff whose aim, during a period of observation, assessment, and training, is to encourage the parents to develop their own skills, and to evaluate the degree of risk which would be present if children returned to live with their parents within the community.

The Initial Assessment period (which acknowledges the need for a short time of 'settling in') is six weeks. During this period the parent/s and children will be closely supervised and the following areas will be covered:

  • Parents' ability to meet both the physical and emotional needs of their children.
  • Parents' ability to perform practical child care tasks.
  • Practical skills e.g. budgeting and household skills.
  • Relationships and interaction between parents' and children, professionals and other agencies.
  • Individual and family functioning.
  • Parents' social skills.
  • Background and History
  • Understanding of Local Authority concerns
  • Identifying areas of change and parents' potential ability to change.
  • Parents' ability to protect their children.

Progress meetings are held weekly to give all involved an opportunity to discuss how a family's stay at Living Springs is going and what the next step should be. A Progress Report is provided by staff for residents and discussed with them prior to and during the meeting.

As the placement progresses these meetings determine to what extent the stay at Living Springs has been able to solve the parent's difficulties and what work remains to be undertaken The various options for future plans are discussed and the views of all present at the meeting are considered.

We place great emphasis on promoting an environment which is both non-judgemental and caring, in which parent/child relationships can be nurtured and developed thereby encouraging self-worth and self-esteem. However, the welfare of the child always remains our primary focus.