Project Point


Parenting is a complex and subjective topic. Often parenting styles are diverse and individual which makes the assessment of parenting such a difficult task.

With this in mind, PAMS has been developed to present complex information within a format that interfaces well within the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families (DoH:2000) and the Common Assessment Framework (DfES:2006).

Sue McGaw designed her parenting assessment manual as a tool that can be used in order to look more closely at what is required for ‘good enough parenting’.

Staff members at Living Springs have been trained to undertake detailed parenting assessments using the PAMS assessment software.

The PAMS assessment covers child care and development, behaviour management, independent living skills, safety and hygiene, parents’ health, relationships and support, and the impact of the environment and the community on parenting.

Each parenting skill is assessed for parental knowledge, quality of parenting skills and the frequency of parenting practice. By breaking these elements of parenting down into testable components PAMS begins to make an assessment of quality that is evidence based.

After the PAMS assessment has been completed it will provide a clear, visual family profile of functioning that targets both parenting support needs, as well as child protection issues. An easy to understand visual Child Profile and Parent Profile gives clear identification of the family strengths, needs and risks associated with their parenting.

If you would like to discuss a PAMS assessment or require further details, please do contact us.